The Problem

First time parents can have a hard time meeting other new parents. This can leave them feeling isolated in their challenges and experiences.

The Solution

Isolation can be reduced by creating an app that allows parents to easily connect and befriend other new parents, both within the app and through user-generated in-person events.

Why I Care

My friends were about to become new parents, and I was curious about what challenges they might face. Starting off, I didn't know of a specific problem to solve, so I just conducted interviews and listened.


I conducted four interviews with parents of various economic statuses and who either had young kid(s) or were expecting.

Some Questions I Asked

What are some challenges of becoming a new parent?

How did you learn to be a parent? From which sources did you learn?

What role does community play in raising your kid(s)?

Do you have friends who are parents? Do you ever go to them for advice? If so, in which ways (phone call, in-person, social media, etc)?

What role does social media play in your life? Do you think it could help in raising your kids? How?

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